Sparking Creativity In Every Child Since 1990!

The Kinderville Family

manishi sagar
CEO and Founder of Kinderville Group
Johanne Boudrias
The Vice President Of The Kinderville Group
Gayatri Sagar
The Vice President of The Kinderville Group

A Word From The Vice President of the Kinderville Group and The Co-Founder Of Kinderville:

Why do we do it? How do we connect with and understand so many children from various backgrounds and different upbringing?

Encouraging kids grow; from taking their first, tentative steps to discovering, adapting and reveling in wonderment of the world around them is every educator's reward. It is that simple!

When we see a child, we see someone who will inherit the world from us, who will serve humanity, who will achieve what seems impossible today!

Every Kinderville kid is important to us, for we know that child is our future. It is a reward to witness the spread of knowledge and to spark creativity in every child.. everyday.

What greater service can we render than to be a positive influence to our lil' ones?

I am proud to be working with Kinderville. Together, with the entire Kinderville Family, we strive to Spark Creativity In Every Child.

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