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Kinderville Foundation Projects


  • We empower through education.

  • We adhere to practices that are honest, ethical and transparent.

  • We support individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, nationality or disability.

  • We focus on learning environments that foster a safe and nurturing environment in which children can thrive

  • We are accountable to donors—100% of donations are used for learning initiatives (books, equipment and supplies).


The Kinderville Foundation recognizes that empowering children with their basic right to education is one of the most powerful ways to help them reach their full potential. We also understand the need to help adults in the weakest sections of our society with critical language and communication skills.

We undertake, fund and support projects that promote equal access to quality learning. The Kinderville foundation focuses on personal development through the teaching of knowledge and life skills. We believe that education for all is a fundamental right.


Empowering children through education involves working with their families and communities to ensure a cohesive foundation on which to build. Our projects also help train teachers and cultivate early learning programs that address local realities through a structured approach to personal development. Involving communities at the grass-roots level improves a child’s chances for success across throughout the entire learning cycle.


Over the years, The Kinderville Foundation has funded numerous initiatives that have helped improve the lives of disadvantaged children in various communities. In Canada, we participate in Quebec’s Grande Guignolée fundraising activities and collect toys in Ontario during the Christmas season. We also support the Aditya Youth Fund in Montreal and give scholarships to children. In India, we donated a school library to a village near Delhi, awarded scholarships to local students, and set up a fully equipped computer lab in a Panchayat school in Gurgaon. We have also helped set up libraries in orphanages across India. In the UAE, we provide financial assistance to deserving organizations that support youth development.

  • Fundraising for Quebec’s Grande Guignolée

  • Financial support of projects for Mary Ellen Gerber (MEG) Foundation’s Orphanage in Puri, Orissa (India)

  • Helped in setting up a library for Mary Ellen Gerber (MEG) Foundation’s Orphanage in Puri, Orissa (India).

  • Manishi Sagar, the founder of The Kinderville Group serves as Honorary Chair of the 7th International Conference of the Organization for the Protection of Children’s Rights (O.P.C.R.)

  • Manishi Sagar serves as Honorary Chair of Freedom from Poverty Foundation's Fundraiser

  • Kinderville London initiates the Christmas Gift Collection Initiative

  • Donation of a library to a village school near Delhi

  • Donation of a computer lab to a village school near Delhi

  • Established bursaries in perpetuity at Montreal’s Marianopolis College

  • Awarded scholarships to students at a village school near Delhi

  • Provided supplies to help set up a cricket team for boys and dance & music classes for girls at a village school

  • Financial support for setting up a new wing for children in a hospital in India

  • Participation in the Aditya Youth Trust Fund Scholarship Program in Montreal

  • Collection drive and financial support for victims of the hurricane in Philippines in 2015

  • Sponsorship of Pee-Wee Ice Hockey Tournaments in Montreal

  • Clothes and Toy Drive To Support Nepal’s Earthquake victims in December 2015.

  • Clothes Drive To support the victims of Syria’s War in January 2017

  • KinderYoga Initiative For Teachers & Students to promote healthy living and positive thinking.


  • Recognition of and support for World Autism Month

  • Children's Art exhibitions in Dubai to raise funds for a chosen project to help children

  • The Empower Initiative: Free English Classes For ALL Labourers in the UAE with a hot lunch served every Friday

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